Tell Me Your Tales…

Tell Me Your Tales…

Something weird, funny, exciting, sad, terrifying or uncharacteristically boring happened on your travels? Tell me all about it! I want to know your travel tales!

Here are some questions you may have…

Why on Earth would I tell you my travel stories?
Short answer: because I want to publish them and make an anthology.

Long answer: because I’ve read thousands of brilliant stories, articles and extracts by well-known people in different industries who had something to say, and I love them. They’re clever, insightful, and just plain interesting – some of these are among the best pieces I’ve ever read…ever…and I’ve worked in media where a chunk of my job was often to read and edit all sorts of things, but I don’t believe the opportunity to tell a story should be exclusive to well-known people. Everyone has a story, everyone has something interesting to say, and everyone deserves the opportunity to be heard. I want to give you the chance to tell a good story, and have it edited, published, and read.

I don’t know who you are, why should I trust you with my stuff?
Because it’s my profession, and I’m good at what I do. I’ve worked in radio, film and public relations, written and edited for a range of magazines, websites and universities, and worked as a freelance journalist, editor and tutor, and started up my own website. I’ve also got a Masters degree in PR and Advertising, and recently undertook a 10-month creative writing course just because I wanted to. Writing, editing and telling stories is my job, and I love it! I’m also not going to make The Global Shuffle (aka my own website) look bad, so believe me, I want to make your work look as great as possible.

I’m a bad writer…
That doesn’t matter, that’s why I’m here. When I worked in media, the amount of poorly-written articles I received on a daily basis was mind-blowing – so many people can’t spell, formulate proper written sentences, or punctuate. So. Many. People. A lot of the time when you see a really great article online or in print, it’s been attacked by a subeditor and made to look great to uphold the quality and integrity of the publication. Of course this doesn’t happen all the time and some writers are truly fabulous, but my point is that a lot of people (both well-known and ordinary) can’t write, but you don’t know that because people like me fix their mistakes. Believe me, it really doesn’t matter to me if you think you can’t write.

What do I get out of it?
Good question! That really depends on who you are:

Budding writers – you’ll officially be a published writer, you’ll have experience working with a professional editor, and you’ll have the opportunity to be part of an anthology of creative non-fiction written by people just like you (more anthology info later).

Everyone else – you’ll have the opportunity to tell your story and share it with a growing community of storytellers, friends, family and like-minded people. You’ll also have the chance to be a part of The Global Shuffle anthology…stay tuned!

How does this work?
Email me using the following format:

How you heard about ‘Your Tales’:

This story takes place in:
The message I’m trying to get across is:
Summarise your story in two sentences:
Write a short bio (around 50-words):

Copy and paste your story:

I will then read through your work, and the editing process begins. This process has no specific time frame – every story is different, but I will always try to reply to you as quickly as possible. Once we’re both happy with the story, it’ll go on this website. You’ll be properly credited and I’ll promote it on social media, tag you, and link back to your professional website (within reason, nothing illegal or obscene, let’s be realistic). I’ll also contact you if you’re selected to be part of the anthology.

NOTE: It’s important to be as honest and open as possible during the editing process, and be open to the idea that I may suggest some changes you’re unsure about. At the end of the day, this is a collaborative process – it’s as much about you as it is about me, and I will never publish anything you’re unhappy with.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your story may come back to you with lots of changes – this does not mean you have done a bad job. I’m editing for punctuation as much as I’m editing for sense and general interest, please don’t take it personally, it happens to everyone.

Will you own my work if it’s published on your site?
No. It’s your story and you are free to promote it wherever you like (again, within reason – contact me if you have specific questions about what this means in relation to your work), but using my edited version anywhere does mean you have to credit me as the editor.

To clarify: you’re free to use your original, unedited work absolutely anywhere without mentioning me at all. If you use a version I have worked on, you must credit me as well.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: In sending me your story to edit, you are agreeing to credit me (full name, website, and link) every time you use any part of the story I have edited.

My work has been published somewhere else, but can I still send it to you?
For a bunch of legal reasons, I only accept unpublished work. If it’s been published on your personal blog and nowhere else it’s probably ok, but contact me if you want more information about this.

You spell everything the British/Australian way and I just can’t deal…
I spell the way I do because of where I’m from, but if you want your work edited using American spelling, please let me know – I’m happy to do things like cut my ‘L’ usage in half, use ‘Z’ instead of ‘S’, and spell ‘Gaol’ as ‘Jail’ (actually I’m more than happy to do that last one…).

I have a question…
For information on word counts, response times, and links to your company website, visit the FAQs page. If your question isn’t answered there, feel free to contact me – even if you think it’s a ridiculous question, you’ll never know unless you ask!


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Something weird, funny, terrifying or uncharacteristically boring happened on your travels? Tell me about it! I want to you to tell me your tales!Follow me on Instagram for daily travel inspiration.