Tell Me Your Tales… FAQs

Tell Me Your Tales… FAQs

Can I submit more than one story?
Yes, but they will be published months apart. Please do not send more than two stories in a single submission – it’s very overwhelming.

How long should my story be?
I’m not really fussed – it depends on the story. Some need to be quite long to tell the story properly, and some don’t need much space at all, but I go through each story pretty thoroughly and cut anything that’s not relevant.

If you’ve written your story and it’s quite short (300-words or less), think about what you’re writing – is it a story, or is it a thought? It may sound strange, but people often send me a series of thoughts. For example, they may have seen a rainbow on a mountain and pondered existence, or met someone nice and re-evaluated how they perceive others. These make good blog posts, but they’re not stories – there’s no beginning, middle, or end. 

Think about the mountain-style narrative structure you learnt at school – there’s a gradual build until you reach the dramatic peak, and then a shorter drop until you reach the end. If you’re not sure if it’s a story or a thought, send it to me anyway and I’ll let you know. If it’s a thought, I may even give you some things to focus on in order to make it a story.

How long before I hear back from you?
I’ll usually reply to your submission within 24-hours, and from there I’ll let you know how long it’ll be before I get the edits back to you. Sometimes it can be a week or two, but it really depends.

Instead of a link to my personal site, will you link to the site of the company I work for?
Yes, but I will only provide one link to the company website in the bio section at the end of the story (take a look at published stories for examples), I’ll link your Facebook page when I post the story on The Global Shuffle Facebook Page.

It should also be noted that I ask for remuneration from companies (pay-for-clicks, commission, ect). If you don’t like this idea but you still want to submit, you can do so as an individual with your personal blog (or no blog, I don’t mind) free-of-charge. 

Why do you ask for remuneration from companies?
I’m a professional editor (seriously, I work for a company – that is in no way affiliated with The Global Shuffle – writing, editing, and coordinating digital content) and it can take me quite a while to edit stories. I’m happy to do it free-of-charge and let you have free reign over where you put it (providing you credit me with my full name, website, and a link), but I believe that if I’m providing your company with a link you could make money from, I should probably see some of it since I helped the situation, you know? I don’t make profit, and the content on this site is free, so I need to keep it going.

If I haven’t answered your question, send me an email and I’ll get back to you asap.