Getting Around India: Your Extensive Transport Guide

When I left for India, I had all these images in my mind of people sitting on top of trains, hanging out of buses, and piling in to cars – navigating that as a tourist sounded like a nightmare I wasn’t prepared to face, so it was a huge surprise to get there and realise that getting around India is actually pretty easy.

India Travel Guide

Whether you want to lay on a beach and forget about the world in Goa, explore the wonders of Kerala in a house boat, experience a first-class tour through the deserts of Rajasthan, motorbike around hundreds of temples in Hampi or rough it backpacker-style through the south – India has you covered.

Kep In April: Think Cold Thoughts

I’m sitting in a cafe in Kep (southern Cambodia) and I’ve honestly never been so hot in my entire life. I’m boiling just sitting here, doing nothing. I want to melt. Cold drinks are warm in five-minutes, ice melts in two, and you’re hot again in one. It’s inescapable. Kep in April is kind of horrible. So to console myself, I’ve decided to post about some of the coldest places we’ve been so far: Nepal. Chris seemed to have this idyllic notion that we’d step across the border from India to Nepal, and birds would instantaneously start chirping amid a picturesque backdrop of snow-capped mountains, prayer flags, butterflies, and fawns. So we got our Nepalese visas and hovered on the Indian side of the border, prepared for the scene to majestically transform from its dusty, loud, uninviting, garbage-laden façade in to a vision of beauty in a Narnia-esque kind…

Trains In India: Living The Unreserved Dream

I think our lowest point was on the way to Kolkata from Darjeeling. We booked beds on the train in one of the nicer classes (AC3) for the 13-hour overnight journey (find out how to book trains here). We were number eight and nine on the waiting list, which isn’t as bad a plan as it sounds.