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Melnik Travel Guide

The ancient town of Melnik is nestled in the Pirin Mountains, surrounded by 100-meter rock formations, and lined with 500-year-old trees and heritage-listed structures. If the history side of things doesn’t do it for you, the 600-year-old wine culture will – there are more wineries on the main street than you could shake a stick at.

Blue Mountains Travel Guide

If you find yourself in Sydney for more than a few days, you’ll probably end up in the Blue Mountains – and so you should! It’s beautiful. A surprisingly large amount of Australians think the Blue Mountains is just Katoomba, and they’re very wrong. While Katoomba is the main tourist hub, the whole area is actually a city with about 25 suburbs – it takes about 2-hours to get from Glenbrook at the foot of the Mountains, to Bell on the other side of the Mountains, and it’s home to a lot of people. So how did the Blue Mountains come to be? I know you’re dying to find out! Colonial Sydney-siders needed more farming space, and thought they might find it if they crossed the big blue-looking mountains in the distance (hence the name…). In the early days, rough terrain and a severe lack of resources meant the…