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Affiliate Links
I use affiliate links on this site, which just means that if you buy a product through a link on this site, I’ll get a small commission (not all links are affiliate links). This is because all the content I provide here is free, and I want to keep it that way, but there are costs associated with running a website, and I still need to do things like eat, and turn lights on.

It won’t cost you anything – there are no extra charges added on to the cost of anything you buy through these links, so if you want to buy something and gain some super-karmic-life-points at the same time, it would be wonderful if you could help a sister out and do it from a link on this site.

Everything I advertise on this site is wholly endorsed by me – I don’t advertise anything I haven’t used and liked. For example, I have a booking.com search engine in the sidebar because I have used that company so many times and had great experiences – I’ve saved a lot of money, and found it to be fast and accurate, so I’m more than happy to direct readers to that site for accommodation.

Clicking on advertising and using the booking.com search engine still doesn’t cost you anything, and to make sure you find the best and cheapest option on booking.com, I’ve modified the search engine so it automatically looks for hostels that have above average reviews in whatever city you search in, so you know, it works out in your favour as well 🙂