Moving To Vancouver, Part 2: What’s the Best Canadian Bank Account for Foreigners?

Moving to Canada and want to know the best Canadian bank account for foreigners? Sit back, take a piece of maple fudge, and prepare to figure out how to access your cash.  The day you arrive in Vancouver, you’ll probably realise the only bank cards you have belong to your respective homeland, and that they’re charging you a premium to access your own cash from another part of the world, so you’ll want to set up a Canadian bank account pretty quickly – but which bank to go with? There are a range of factors that go in to this decision because, well, banking in Canada is different. Here are five reasons why:  Your ‘chequing’ account is your everyday banking account. Your ‘savings’ account is literally a savings account, and you will be charged to access money from this account (my bank blocked my ability to use the ‘Savings’ feature…

Vancouver The Global Shuffle

We got off the plane in the dark, caught the SkyTrain to the city, and walked up three staircases to the American Backpackers Hostel, just as someone was being kicked out because management found his needle stash under the bed. Hello, Vancouver.

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