Reasons To Avoid Koh Rong & Where To Go Instead

Even if you’re not a traveller, the islands of South East Asia are probably on your bucket list. The sands are white, the waters are clear, warm and blue, you can dive in the reefs, stay in bungalows, eat local food, lay on the sand, and drink cheap cocktails – anyone who’s been to a Thai island will probably recommend it. I’m not really sure why, but I thought Combodia’s Koh Rong would be like a Thai island, and it really wasn’t. It was kind of grimy. If you’re in to drinking all day, everyday, you don’t care what you eat, and you’re not fussed over things like hygiene, you’ll probably love Koh Rong – lots of people do, and that’s great! I think we were there over some sort of holiday, and one of the festive activities involved drunkenly clawing your way up a greased-up metal pole to reach…

I have never encountered as many scams as I did in Cambodia (aka Scambodia).  To be fair, I don’t mind paying more at markets and things like that – what’s a…

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