About Me

About Me

Well, hi! I’m Charlotte – a travel and writing enthusiast who’s awkward in photos and bad with directions. This is my attempt at shuffling around the globe.

Who Am I? 

I’m a writer and editor who drinks way too much coffee, has a love affair with tomato, wears enormously-tall heels (terrain permitting), had electric blue hair until pretty recently, and was a chronic foot-shuffler as a kid (hence the name!).

I grew up in Bondi and the Blue Mountains in NSW, Australia, and spent my childhood reading, writing stories, taking drama classes, baking, using my little sister as a Barbie doll, getting frustrated when she wouldn’t comply, and wishing time would hurry up so I could finish school, learn about things I was actually interested in, and travel the world.

I studied acting for three-years in regional Australia, lived in Melbourne for a year, moved to Sydney, did a Masters in communications, and took a four-month trip through India, Nepal, Cambodia and Vietnam while working remotely for an Australian university – an experience which re-shaped my world.

I went back to Australia, got full-time jobs and worked in cubicles, but I realised everyone in my workplaces spent their days fighting this inner battle between loving their job, and hanging out for the weekend. I thought back to my time working from somewhere within the Himalayas, on Indian railways, and while staring at the Mekong, and realised that’s the dream.

​I started saving money, did all my tax returns in one go (not strictly legal, but it was pretty great when I got it all at once), quit my job, and hopped on a plane to shuffle around the globe.

I’ve written and edited for magazines, websites, books, and universities – I even did stuff for a radio station at one point, but these days I prefer to travel around, collecting stories. ​Join the Shuffle on Facebook and Instagram.

My Mission
I partly created this site to give you the opportunity to tell your tales to the world.

Think about any travel guide you’ve picked up, documentary you’ve watched, blog post, text book or biography you’ve read, conversation you’ve had, or weird thing you’ve Googled – it’s all basic storytelling, and appeals to absolutely everyone, regardless of race, age, religion, or gender.

That’s what I want to project in to the world – a series of tales from a global community of travellers to teach, entertain, inspire, and brighten someone’s day. As this is a relatively new idea, I’m still in the process of collecting stories, but stay tuned! They’ll all be up in no time.

Along with the stories of others, I’ll be sharing my own experiences in the form of travel guides, blog posts, travel tips, my favourite places, and plenty more!

Interested in submitting? Head to the Tell Me Your Tales info page.

Ask me stuff: charlotte@theglobalshuffle.com

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