Well, hi! I’m Charlotte. Welcome to The Global Shuffle.

I’m an enthusiastic traveller, writer, editor and storyteller, and this iCharlotte The Global Shuffles my collection of travel guides and tales.

While I aim to inform any Global Shuffles you may have with tips, lists and general info, this is ultimately your platform to connect with other travellers, share your story, or live vicariously through others by reading about their adventures – if you’ve got a travel-related tale you think is funny, amazing, mega-weird or just really good, feel free to throw me an email! I accept work from people of all ages, nationalities and writing experience levels – if the story has a beginning, middle and an end, head to the information page and send it my way. Since this is a pretty new idea, I'm still in the process of collecting stories, but stay tuned! They'll be on the site in no time.

You can also find stuff on what not to do overseas, guides for each country I’ve visited, and follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

So whether you’re a travel novice or aficionado, word-rookie or extraordinaire, I would like to invite you to join me as I shuffle around the globe.

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